Company Petr Bureš was established in November 1998 with one DAF 400 van. We have been developing our activities in the sphere of road transport, vehicle loading and delivery activities during our whole existence. Primarily we have expanded our fleet by other vans and, later, by high-capacity services. We have started co-operate with reliable carriers from around us due to increasing demand for our services. We expect expansion to pick-a-back transport, roads, railways, and water roads for the future.
We have achieved a success through a right choice of our vehicle fleet that supports failure-free operation and distribution covering of the area of the Czech Republic and Slovakia with short delivery terms. With respect to the environment protection, the vehicles comply with the emission standard EURO 3.

Work team
We are trying to be very demanding towards our employees with regard to their technical education, consideration and ensuring transport safety.

Why do we differ from the others – our strength:
Our aim is to keep our prices on the same level. However, it is not always possible due to increasing incoming charges (road toll, prices of spare parts, fuel). We are not able to affect some of these incoming costs such as the road toll. Road toll will be introduced in the Czech Republic in very near future. We are different thanks to minor activities on the market.

We do not promise what we cannot fulfil.
We have achieved our success by defining our scale of values where the quality and reliability of our services are placed first.

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